Rest and Relaxation in Serre Chevalier Briançon

Serre Chevalier Vallée is an ideal destination for a sporting and cultural holiday, but also for relaxation and wellbeing !
    Accommodation and Wellbeing

    Many hotels offer on-site spa facilities, where you can enjoy massages, whirlpool baths and beauty treatments without leaving the comfort of your hotel.
    You can also rent a chalet equipped with a sauna, Nordic baths or jacuzzi...
    A great opportunity to recharge your batteries in an exceptional natural setting.
    The Grands Bains du Mônetier
     Les Grands Bains establishment is renowned for its natural, mineral-rich thermal waters, which gush out at a temperature of 44° and provide a host of wellness and relaxation experiences

    - Indoor and outdoor pools :
    An indoor pool with massaging jets  and a large outdoor pool offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
    - Saunas and Hammams :
    The dry environment of the saunas are ideal for relaxation and detoxification, while the hammams provide moist heat, ideal for purifying the skin and respiratory tract.
    - Jacuzzis and whirlpool baths :
    For maximum relaxation, come and enjoy the jacuzzis and whirlpool baths,
    - Music grotto and rest area :
    The musical grotto is a unique space where you can relax listening to soothing music while floating in the warm water.
    You can also relax in he rest areas with sun loungers and deckchairs
    - Massage and treatment room :
    Les Grands Bains also offer a range of body and facial treatments and massages.
    Qualified professionals will be happy to welcome you.
    - Roman baths :
    Inspired by the Roman thermal baths, these pools have different temperatures, alternating between warmth and coolness to revitalise body and mind.

    Les Grands Bains du Monêtier also organise night-time sessions, allowing customers to enjoy the facilities under the starry sky.
    Yoga in all its forms
    Many partners also offer yoga walking sessions in the great outdoors and paddle yoga on the lakes to refocus on yourself and enjoy the natural surroundings of Serre Chevalier Vallée Briançon.