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Need to breathe ? Need to escape ?  Need to relax ? ...
Select the perfect hotel in Serre Chevalier Briançon for your holidays

You can book your holidays and cancel free of charge. Indeed, our Booking Office commits to a free cancellation in partnership with a large number of its hosts, under the following conditions:
- Cancellation until D-1
- Cancellation until D-7
- Cancellation until D-14
- Cancellation until D-30

Find below a specific list of all the cases which allow a total refund (net of any bank fees and file fees) :

- Borders closed by the French Government
- Borders closed by the government of the customer’s country or by a    transit country
- Non-essential travels forbidden by the government of the customer’s country
- Flights cancelled due to Covid-19 (justification from the airline requested)
- Airports/stations closed in France or in the customer's country
- kilometers limitation around the home
- Quarantine or any other period of confinement imposed by the French government or the customer's country
-  If you are diagnosted Covid 19 positive within 15 days before your arrival (test results + medical certificate requested)
- If the accommodation concerned is closed by government decrees